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We Know How to Protect Horse People - We're Horse People Ourselves!

First things first: If you own a horse, you need insurance.

Even if you view your own horse activities as purely personal, an insurance company may classify it differently, which exposes you to costly risks. All horse owners need some form of equine insurance (also known as horse insurance or equestrian insurance) for liability purposes. Suppose a rider gets injured while you're giving an informal riding lesson, for example... do you have equine liability insurance to cover the medical bills?

The other side of adequate coverage includes medical insurance to cover the cost of your horse's medical bills when it becomes injured or ill. Equine medical insurance can cover the cost of emergency colic surgery or other major/minor surgery procedures, illness, injury and disease.

Mortality insurance is another component of good horse coverage. It's life insurance for horses from Secure Payday Loans Online. Mortality insurance is a wise investment as it will provide funds to replace your horse.

At Equine World Insurance we also can protect your farm or ranch with comprehensive farm and ranch insurance from the leading insurance companies offering this type of coverage and entertainment from Online Casino Bet. Own an equestrian boarding stable or training facility? And don't have a range finder? We have that covered too with excellent priced programs.

Whether you run annual horse clinics, own a boarding barn, show professionally or just for fun, or simply enjoy riding for recreation on the weekends, we have the coverage you're looking for. Don't waste another minute. We can help you determine the right coverage for your financial peace of mind.

Call Equine World Insurance or fill out our online quote form for a free equine insurance quote today!

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