How Helpful is a Range Finder for Hunting

The range finder for hunting has become one of the indispensable helpers, without which the task is greatly complicated. Previously, the distance to the target was determined using binoculars or an optical sight. Range finder scales were printed on them. The method produced certain results, but the accuracy of the data obtained was not enough.

The observer needed a landmark, the distance to which he knew for certain. But there are places in which it is difficult to find it, and consequently to determine the distance to the object with high accuracy is almost impossible. In addition, the location can be constantly changing and there is simply not enough time for calculations. In such a situation, the laser range finder comes to the rescue.

For hunting, it has become a very important tool, which, along with the marksmanship, guarantees success. A quick and precise definition of distance increases the chance of a successful shot. Folding eyecups give the chance to aim in glasses. New technologies are constantly being introduced into different models of range finders and thanks to them it became possible to:

  • control the degree of illumination at any time;
  • make adjustments for landscape and weather;
  • adjust the shot relative to the air temperature.

Additional Useful Functions and Modes

Individual modes and functions that are optional and available not in all devices can help to select a laser range finder. There are 3 modes: REFL, SCAN and REIN. The first of these is used to determine objects that have a large reflecting surface.

SCAN is needed when hunting for small animals, in which it is difficult to get a beam from a conventional range finder. In addition, it accelerates the calculation of the distance to different objects that are close to each other. The REIN mode protects the laser beam from scattering in bad weather conditions and helps it to pass through the obstacle (through rain or snow).

In addition, in range finders, there are additional functions for measuring the speed of a target or object. It gives the hunter a complete idea not only of the distance to the animal, but also the speed of its movement. Due to this, it is even easier to choose the necessary trajectory. The function "Over 150" allows you to ignore small obstacles (for example, branches) located 150 meters to the object. The observation itself can be conducted from a much greater distance.

Now you know more about the reasons why you should use a range finder, however, despite their undoubted merits, the devices are not without shortcomings. As noted by experienced hunters, the efficiency of work in the dark is almost always higher than in the daytime, especially if the weather is sunny. This is due to the refraction of light, you need to take this fact into account.

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